Intuitive Consultations by Karla

During a consultation or reading with me, I usually start by establishing a connection with your higher self and will often give you a short general reading about what I see going on with you. I will also look at your body and see if you might need a quick healing to help move out energy that is holding you back from moving forward. Even if I don't take time to do a quick healing, you will be getting a healing on some level as I set all my readings to be a healing in addition to communication.

After this, with guidance from your higher self, I will focus on the questions you have for me and will explore them giving you the highest communication I can in a very honest, validating, no-nonsense and compassionate way. If the reading includes looking at other people who are important to you such as family, friends, or loved ones, I will call them in psychically to be part of the reading and you may notice a change in them after this as the are, on some level, also hearing the conversation.

I conduct most of my readings over the telephone, unless you are in the Los Angeles area and wish to have an in-person reading. I also do pet readings, and would be more than happy to help you hear what your animals have to say to you. Please see the Animal Communication page for more information.

Pricing:  $90 for 1 hour
Pricing:  $50 for 1/2 hour

I am available by appointment, or live-on-demand for a higher fee.

By Appointment

Depending upon my schedule, you can usually get an appointment within the next few days. My online scheduler allows you to suggest times that are convenient for you.

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Live-On-Demand Consultations


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