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   Hello again! As I already mentioned, I have been clairvoyant since I was little, sort of like the boy from the movie "The Sixth Sense" minus the drama and scary stuff. I went to a spiritual school for 7 years where I sharpened my intuitive abilities and also studied different forms of healing and clairvoyance.

I started my own spiritual journey with a deep desire to understand who I am, what I am doing here, and what life is supposed to be about. Once I started changing how I felt and thought about myself, I started attracting healthier, happier people, healthier food, healthier, happier things to do in a day, and started making peace with my past.

I truly believe we are all connected to everything and everyone around us. I believe our bodies are houses for our souls and it is an honor to have a body to experience this world through. I believe that by constantly moving forward with the intention of bettering ourselves from the inside out, continuing to strive to be happy and healthy in body, mind, and spirit, we are doing the highest thing possible for ourselves, our fellow humans, and for our planet.

I created The Healing Boutique because I love helping people. I do this in many ways, the most popular of which is in the form of a consultation or reading. I feel by communicating directly with your spirit, I can help you hear what the highest part of yourself has to say about pretty much anything you may want guidance on. All of us are familiar with our own spirit, whether we are conscious of it or not. It can speak to us through our feelings, our intuition, or is often called "the small voice within."


   "You are never given more than you can handle in one day; the sun is always there even if you can't see it at the moment."
                 - Karla


Sometimes I will also share a few "spiritual tools" with you and have you do them as a short exercise in the session, so you can see and feel your own spirit, as ultimately I would love to lead you to a place where you can trust and use your own guidance and communication with your spirit to lead you to that which makes you happy.

If the reading includes looking at other people who are important to you, such as family, friends or loved ones, I will call their spirit in psychically to be part of the reading, and you may notice a change in them after this as they are, on some level, also hearing the communication.

Please see the Services tab for more information on readings, healings, parties, animal communication, and "let me teach you" to become clairvoyant!


If you have any questions please contact Karla.

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