What People Are Saying About Karla


  Karla is an amazing reader and has such a natural talent!  I was blown away with the first reading she did for me and was just amazed at how much she saw about my life!

          Marilyn Crouch, Professional Organizer
          & Life Coach/Redondo Beach, CA

  Unbelievable, Karla! Thank you! Talking to you felt like I had a good chat with a long-time friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Your healings have saved me years of therapy!

           S. L. / San Diego, California

  Karla is in a class of her own. A real treasure. The ability she has to speak to another individual's higher self enables her to literally tell you what another person is thinking and feeling about you. This is much different than being an Empath. In my experience, there are not many psychics who have this rare gift. Karla, thank you for sharing. Many blessings to you!



  Karla has been guiding me for a few months now, and she is so totally on top of my situation that it is amazing. She has a way of looking at the situation that allows you to make your own choices for your highest good. It's healing, empowering and just so insightful.

           EL / San Francisco, CA


  Karla was spot on immediately. Knew people and personalities immediately, without provocation. She interpreted situations and gave me great advice and insight. Very good. Just trying to figure out how to get my husband to call her. He could benefit from her insight greatly!

           Monica / Dallas, TX

  Karla was able to clear out negative energies and elements from my past that were blocking my growth.  Her gift is amazing, and her intuition was so precise down to the smallest detail. 

          Nicole Sibetta,
          Real Estate Investor / Chandler, AZ

  Since she talks to our higher self, which she explained is like talking to yourself if you were on the other side and can see the big picture of past lives, souls you've known before, and the purpose of lessons this lifetime, I was able to ask questions I wouldn't be able to ask any other reader. And the answers were very interesting. I would definitely recommend her.

         Greta / Sacramento, CA

  I definitely recommend talking with Karla. She is able to describe things and situations as if she was there - almost precisely. She makes me feel comfortable and enlightened me about things I am going through. Thanks, Karla!

          L. O. / El Monte, CA

Karla's ability to be insightful and caring while also helping to connect you with your own inherent power is of great benefit beyond measure!"

          Marci / New York, New York

  Karla has a high level of amusement, neutrality, and creativity.  She is committed to seeing the core truth with any situation, and she has respect for your innate abilities which facilitates self growth and healing.

          Rev. Paula Irwin / San Diego, CA

  Clear reading from a very professional reader. She has a calm, clear voice and answers questions directly and in detail - no vague images or cryptic messages - highly gifted and accurate. One of the best I have spoken to.


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