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I have known Karla for almost 10 years.  She is loving, intuitive, sensitive and wise. When my beloved 17 year-old kitty, Paco, became ill last year, her compassionate guidance was invaluable to me. Her keen insights and clear
vision helped me see things from his point of view, which was amazingly comforting to me both before and after his passing in February of 2006. Karla is warm, sincere, reliable and remarkably perceptive.  I respect her natural talents as well as her years of study and would highly recommend her.

          Laura Johnson,
          Math and Science Tutor / Culver City, CA

A few years ago, I was trying to chose between 3 Pekingese puppies I found online. I only had one picture of each. Karla read all of the puppies for me, and I ended up getting "Winston".  Karla was incredibly accurate about his
personality, habits, what he would do.  For example, Karla told me Winston would love to be outdoors and would not be a "lap dog". I thought Pekes were supposed to be lap dogs; well, he DOES NOT sit in my lap. Sitting beside me
is the best it gets. She said he would be an awesome dog with an incredible personality, and true to her word, everyone falls in love with him! Karla said he would like to lie on his tummy like a toad and look out the big den doors at the back yard. He does, indeed, do this, and Karla has never seen my house and doesn't know the layout is just like he described to her! 

          Rosalinda C. Roberts, Ph.D.,
          Professor of Psychiatry/Balitmore, MD

Hemlock was my Persian kitty who died one month short of her 21st birthday. During the last couple of years of her life, her health would go up and down. On one particular instance, she had an acute episode of feeling and
looking horrible. I thought it was kidney failure as the vet had predicted this might happen. Karla read Hemlock and told me Hemlock said the problem was her bottom and that her kidneys were just fine. After an immediate visit to the vet, it turns out that Hemlock did not have kidney failure at
all, but that she was, in fact, constipated. This was easily resolved, and she went on to live another two years, happy and healthy.  It was nearing her 21st birthday, when I had Karla read her again, as she seemed to be finally be succumbing to old age. Karla told me that Hemlock said she was, indeed, ready to go this time, and it eased my mind enormously to hear that Hemlock would not hold it against me if I put her to sleep.

          Rosalinda C. Roberts, Ph.D.,
          Professor of Psychiatry / Balitmore, MD

I have Karla read my beautiful, green-eyed, princess kitty, Ashley,  on an almost weekly basis, and I am always amazed how accurate she is, even down my cat's feelings about people who have come to visit, how Ashley reacted to them and what Ashley has to say about them (which can be extremely revealing!).  What Karla says coincides so precisely with how Ashley treated each person when she was around them.  Karla has also been of immense help in guiding me to the right diet for Ashley, whether there is a medical issue that I need to take her to the vet for, or if it is just a passing thing, and making for a better relationship between Ashley and myself with the communication Ashley is providing through Karla.  It has bonded us so much!

         Samantha Avery
         Physical Therapist / Beverly Hills, CA

Willow is a dainty shaded silver Persian kitty who is passionate about the outdoors. Karla told me that Willow used to be a wild cat in past lives, and that explained her desire to be outside a lot as well as her acute sense of
smell. One winter day, Willow was looking rather, and I was very worried. The vet ran some tests, one of which showed a high calcium level, indicative of cancer. The blood work would have to be repeated to be sure. In the meantime, Karla read her to see what was wrong and how I could make her a happier cat. Willow said she was pretty certain she didn't have cancer. She felt poorly because she had eaten something in the yard that made her sick. The blood results came back negative:  No cancer!

To sum up, Karla has been extremely accurate in reading my pets, has heard from them the most detailed information, and is an incredible animal communicator.

          Rosalinda C. Roberts, Ph.D.,
          Professor of Psychiatry / Balitmore, MD

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