Deceased Loved Ones

I have been giving messages from people on the other side since I can remember, sort of like the little boy in the movie “The Sixth Sense”, but without all the scary stuff and Hollywood drama. People on the other side or “dead people” are usually very similar to how they were in their physical body, in terms of their personality traits, their vibration, their sense of humor, if they had one, and how they feel to you energetically.

As with my other readings, when communicating with people who have passed over, I use my unique sense-seeing ability to intuitively call them into my movie screen where I can talk to them telepathically, feel them, see where they are at, and ask them any questions you would like about yourself, about them or what they are up to now.

The most common comments I hear from people on the other side is “I’m not dead!” They talk about how beautiful it is “over there” and that the colors are especially vivid. They often talk about how they feel lighter, more buoyant, and that they can move around so much faster in their spirit body than they could in their physical body.

When my own mother passed over, she talked a lot about her new, “see-through” body (which is your spiritual or astral body) and she also talked about her teeth that she left behind in a little cup next to her bed, which was indeed true. She had a complete set of dentures that she would take out every night before going to sleep. She died in her sleep, so, she would have left those behind. She was also at her own funeral, flying around the room in her “see-through” body yelling to everyone there that she was not dead, even though all the people in attendance were carrying on like she was. Most of them were crying and very sad, but they couldn’t see her or hear her.

From my vast experience reading and communicating with “dead people”, I have found that our loved ones on the other side sometimes experience frustration and isolation because most of their family, friends, and relatives still here on planet earth, operating a physical body, can’t hear them or see them. So, even though they are trying to reach out and communicate, most of us are not open or trusting enough to receive their communication. That’s why you hear so many stories about the different ways our loved ones try communicate with us, such as through a song you both loved which you might hear out of the blue sometime. Or perhaps they will show up in front of you in the form of a butterfly and you just “know” it’s them by how you feel in that moment and how you immediately think of them when you see the butterfly. Or you might, all of the sudden, see an object such as a favorite flower of theirs. These “coincidences” are your loved ones trying to communicate with you from the other side.

Most of the people who have passed on are quite detached from whatever they have left behind on the earth plane and seem to have little concern for physical objects such as houses, cars, furniture, money, and/or what to do with all of that. They usually talk more about love, what they accomplished in their time here, and what it was all about. Some of them may answer questions about how they died and what it was like for them, but most of them, since they are not in a physical body any more, are not really focused on that.

I also have communicated with hundreds of pets and animals who have passed over. I have found that they say similar things people do, i.e. that they are not dead, often asking if you would like them to come back into a new body, that it’s so fun and beautiful on the other side, etc. They will often show up around you in their spirit body after they have passed on, and most people will either feel or sense their presence, especially during the first 2 to 4 weeks after having left their physical body.

Based on my own experiences with death, loss and grief and also feedback from hundreds of my clients, it can be very helpful to have a reading where you can communicate with your loved ones who have passed over. It often times helps you heal more quickly, find relief from the grief, and get closure. During our reading with your loved ones who have passed on, I can also share with you how you might be able to communicate with on your own, if you would like to do so, in an easy and simple way.

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Love and light,

Karla Christine