Q:  Are you clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient? 
A:  The technical answer is all three.  So I guess that makes me “clair-all”.

Q:  What can I expect from a reading with you? 
A:  I read from a movie screen or a reading screen (also sometimes called a remote viewing screen) I see in front of me with my eyes closed.  On this screen, I am able to see both your physical body and your spiritual body.  I communicate with both your physical body, your personality in this lifetime, and your spiritual body throughout the reading.

I am capable of and happy to answer any an all questions you might have during a reading.  It is best to make a list of them before our session to help you get the most out of your reading.

I am able to bring other people into this movie screen and talk to them for you, read them, feel them and give you any information you would like about them. I also read pets or animals in the same way.  I bring them into my movie screen psychically and read them, talk to them, and ask them questions.

Intuitive or clairvoyant communication happens in a few different ways.  Sometimes people or pets will communicate via symbols, which I will interpret for you, or they may actually carry on quite a conversation.  I am also able to read their body language on my movie screen and feel what they are feeling because I am an empath.  All of this information I will share with you during the reading.

I also like to use humor in my readings, as it helps lighten things up, and I find that, most generally, your spirit has a pretty good sense of humor and will show me things that make me laugh, which I, in turn, convey to you.

Please feel free to stop me at any time during the reading if you don’t understand something or perhaps have a question about what I am communicating.

Q:  How do you get your information?
A:  In short, I get my information from many different sources.  Most of the information comes directly from your higher self.  I also might bring your guides in for answers or I will ask the Supreme Being or my own angels and guides.  Most of the time the answers come directly from the highest part of yourself, that which is for your highest good.

Q:  Do you believe in past lives?  If so, what is the significance of our past lives?
A:  Yes, I personally very much believe in past lives, having had direct profound experiences in this lifetime with all of my own past lives, which has enabled me to understand myself better and see my “big picture” (where I am in my own past life history and where I am going, i.e. future lives).

I believe a large part of who we are now is directly connected to where we used to be, what we have experienced being on the planet, taking on different bodies, and learning different things from these experiences.

Because we are continually evolving, the idea of reincarnation makes total sense to me; many times I’ve had experiences of meeting someone who seemed “familiar” even though there was no logical/physical/tangible reason for that feeling.  This almost always means there is a previous connection.

The significance of past lives is that there are might be patterns that repeat themselves throughout your past lives and also current life.  The message of past lives is critical in helping you understand from where you have evolved and the direction you are headed in.  The idea is to learn from your mistakes and take with you what you’ve already accomplished so that you don’t have to repeat the experiences over and over again.

Q:  Have you always been psychic or did you go through some formal training?
A:  I have been psychic since I was little.  At first, I was unaware that other people didn’t see everything I did, and it wasn’t until my mother brought it to my attention that I realized I was “different” in that respect.  While growing up, my favorite thing to do for people was to give messages from people who had passed over to people still living here.  That can be very gratifying and healing.

In addition, I did attend and graduate from a formal spiritual school, in the style of Berkeley Psychic Institute, for over 20 years, where I learned to fine-tune and cultivate more accuracy and clarity with my already natural reading abilities.  I am still in several advanced spiritual programs all dealing with psychic information and techniques to help refine myself as a spiritual being, as a healer, and as a clairvoyant.

Q:  What is your accuracy rate?  Do your readings usually come true?
A:  In feedback from clients over the years, I have come to discover that I am usually quite accurate.  You are welcome to read the testimonials from clients under the Testimonials tab on the home page.  In reality, a reading is for a given moment in time only.  Many people, having garnered insight from the reading, will immediately, or soon afterwards, set out on a new path where everything changes (we have free will), especially after seeing themselves in a new light and having received communication from their spiritual self about what is important for growth and change, but I have noticed that people frequently report back that what I have communicated to them has actually come to pass!

I am usually able to read everything very well.  Any being, pet or people, or situation I bring into my movie screen, I am usually spot-on in reading it.

Q:  What can I do to prepare for a reading with you? 
A:  The most helpful guidance I can give you to prepare for your reading, is to be clear on what you would like communication about.  I would be very helpful to you to make a list of questions and put them in order of importance before the reading.  You can come to the reading prepared with this list, or you can email it to me ahead of time.  It is also helpful to be calm, centered, and focused during the reading and be in a quiet place without any distractions.  Taking a couple of long, deep breaths to relax you before we start is not only calming, but fun!

I hope this information has been helpful to you.  If have any questions, you may contact me by using the contact page on this website.

Love and light,

Karla Christine