Pet Readings

I have a special place in my heart for all animals and I love reading them. I read animals exactly the same as I read people with a unique reading style I call sense-seeing. With my physical eyes closed, I can see, feel, hear, listen and talk to your pet or animal on a movie screen (also sometimes called a remote viewing screen) by connecting with them energetically and bringing them into the reading telepathically.

Animals are generally less complicated and more straight-forward than people, and they like to communicate in symbols, with words or with physical body language. Most animals are clear and simple and are also quite telepathic and psychic themselves, which makes communicating with them fun and easy.

They will often communicate how they are feeling about any situation, other animals, their owners, whether they would like a different kind of food, more play time or more one-on-one time with you. They will even quite clearly communicate when they are ready to leave their body permanently and whether they would like to be assisted with that or go on their own.

I have been working as a professional pet psychic for over 22 years. I also do what I call soul tracking. This means if you have a special connection with a particular animal, like a soulmate feeling or connection, and they are either at the end of their natural life in this lifetime or if they have already passed on, they might indicate they would like to come back in a new body to be with you again. Sometimes this happens naturally or sometimes you can be in agreement to this arrangement and be spiritually and emotionally open to it. I myself have had the same 2 cats over and over again in this lifetime, i.e. they are my soulmate animals and since I was a little girl they have been with me in 4 different bodies each.

Please feel free to check out the feedback and comments about my animal readings from other clients on my Testimonials page.

To book a pet reading with me, please email me at A 60-minute reading is $95.00 and a 30-minute reading is $53.00. After we set up our appointment time, I will send you guidelines on how to best prepare for your reading, and I will include the phone # to call for our session. To pay for your reading, you may use the “Make Payment” button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page on this website, or, after you email me, I will send you the payment instructions, with options of using either PayPal, Venmo or Apple Pay.

If you have any questions, you may contact me by using the contact page on this website.

Love and light,

Karla Christine