People Testimonials

“Karla is one of a kind!  Her first reading was so amazing; I knew she was going to be my advisor from then on!. Karla is such a kind soul with the most amazing abilities.  The way she draws in your higher self is so accurate, and the little nuances she picks up about each person she is reading is simply mind blowing!  She’s like a best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her gifts and insight.  She’s never afraid to tell me what she sees just like it is…without false hope or sugar coating anything.  I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and sharing her many gifts.  Blessings Karla!  You are the best there is!”

– Jamie Reese, Lakeview, IA

“Karla is in a class of her own, a real treasure. Her “Therapy-In-The-Sky” technique enables you to have a 3-way conversation with your love interest or family members or even work mates and she can literally tell you what another person is thinking and feeling about you by using her “movie screen” and seeing and feeling and hearing them. This is much different than just being an empath, although she is definitely that, too. In my experience, there are not many psychics who have this rare gift. Karla, thank you for sharing! Many blessings to you!”

– K.C., Boulder, CO

I’ve been working with Karla for many years now, and through her readings she has helped me through many challenging moments in my life.  When I first met her I was going through a separation from my son’s father.  At that time, my son was about 2 years old.  He is now 6.  Karla has this extraordinary ability to tune into your higher self during our readings.  She has a technique she calls “Therapy in the Sky” where she can call different people into her “movie screen.”  By doing so, she reads the people in my life as if it were a 3-way conversation between us. During that time in my life, Karla was able to tune into and read my ex’s intentions and his purpose in my life and my son’s life.  It was through these readings I was able to process many of my self-esteem and self-doubt issues.  Not only was processing the information effective for me, but through Karla I was also able to ask my ex questions psychically I would never be able to ask him in the physical.  This process gave me the answers I needed to hear.  As the years have gone by, my son has become more curious about his father’s whereabouts, and it has been through these readings I have been able to help my son accept his father’s absence. You see, it’s one thing assuming you know what the other person may be thinking, but, it’s a whole different reality when you can actually have someone tune into and confirm the information for you.  I’ve come to realize that my son is unique.  He is this big, bright old soul in a child-sized body. These readings have helped me guide him into a better understanding of his own fears and his personal voids (his father’s neglect).  He is a child who doesn’t always express himself effectively, but he has made many successful attempts to do so.  I can proudly say that my personal growth along with my son’s, is owed to Karla and her unique gift.”

– V.M.R., Homestead, FL

“Karla is able to describe things and situations as if she was there – most precisely.  She makes me feel comfortable and enlightens me about things I am going through, which is so very helpful.  I would definitely recommend talking with her.  Thanks, Karla!”

– L.C., Alhambra, CA

“Karla’s ability to be insightful and caring while also helping to connect you with your own inherent power is of great benefit beyond measure!”

– Marci, London, UK

“I was friends with Karla for some time before I knew about her gifts.  My first experience with her skills as a reader, healer, and intuitive was during a period which my family was going through a crisis.  I was blown away by the details she saw!   She gave me some good insights and grounded the situation.  I really believe this is why we all came through it safely.  Since then, I’ve had many other experiences with her as a reader and a healer.  I like to check in with Karla whenever I’m not feeling certain about something.  She always guides me to a place where I feel I can follow my heart and higher self.   I always step away with certainty and clarity which can be a challenge to find when you are immersed in the emotions of life.  I can’t say enough about what I think of Karla.  Although I am a believer, I can be skeptical about people who make claims about their skills in this realm of work, and I have no doubt that she is the real deal.  I whole-heartedly trust and love her.”

– Susan Frankovich, PSYCH-K Facilitator, Yoga and Dance Instructor, Reno, NV

“Karla was spot on immediately; knew people and personalities immediately, without provocation.  She interpreted situations and gave me great advice and insight, very good.  I’m just trying to figure out how to get my husband to call her.  He could benefit from her insight greatly!”

D.M., Dallas, TX

“I was really fumbling when I first started meeting with Karla – my career and life coach – a little more than 13 years ago!  To say she has taught me so much is a vast understatement.  After all that time of working on my spiritual goals with her, I like to think I’m one of her major successes.  Now, Reiki trained and also working to help other new light workers, Karla helped me focus on my goals, the right steps for growing my business and seeing with clarity the steps that were necessary to transform and trust myself as an empath, clairvoyant and light worker.  She has made a huge difference in my spiritual growth, my professional and personal paths, and where my life is today.  Karla is in many ways a “sister” to me – so loving, honest, patient and kind.  Her reads through those 13 years were always spot on – never once off or incorrect.  Not once.  She is truly gifted and treasured by me always as a life coach, spiritual leader and trusted friend.”

– Sue M., Professional Communicator / Chicago, IL

“Karla is an amazing reader and has such a natural talent!  I was blown away with the first reading she did for me and was just amazed at how much she saw about my life!”

– Marilyn Crouch, Professional Organizer & Life Coach, Redondo Beach, CA

“Unbelievable, Karla!  Thank you!  Talking to you felt like I had a good chat with a long-time friend.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Your healings have saved me years of therapy!”

– S. L., San Diego, CA

“Karla has been guiding me for a few months now, and she is so totally on top of my situation that it is amazing.  She has a way of looking at the situation that allows you to make your own choices for your highest good.  It’s healing, empowering and just so insightful.”

– E.L., San Francisco, CA

“As colleagues, Karla and I have been exchanging readings and healings for several years.  I choose to do these exchanges with Karla mainly because she speaks to me very directly and succinctly and what she shares with me in a reading format always resonates with what I am working on.  She has an innate ability to connect with one’s higher self and also reads friends and family members and co-workers in a way that is very helpful for me to see the bigger picture.  I appreciate the consistent accuracy and ability with which Karla can see and read the situations and people I present to her.  Lastly, one of the main aspects I deeply value about Karla is that she really walks her talk and authentically lives what she teaches.”

– Jodee Capo, Energy Healer/Personal Raw Foods Chef, Seattle, WA

“Karla was able to clear out negative energies and elements from my past that were blocking my growth.   Her gift is amazing, and her intuition was so precise down to the smallest detail.”

– Nicole Sibetta, Real Estate Investor, Chandler, AZ

“Since she can talk to my higher self and could see the big picture of my past lives, souls I’ve known before, and the purpose of my lessons in this lifetime, I was able to ask questions I wouldn’t be able to ask any other reader, which was all very interesting.  I would definitely recommend her.”

– K.S., Sacramento, CA

“Karla has a high level of amusement, neutrality, and creativity.  She is committed to seeing the core truth with any situation, and she has respect for your innate abilities which facilitates self-growth and healing.”
– Rev. Paula Irwin, San Diego, CA