The Truth About Death!

The Truth About Death

The truth is … we don’t really die. Our bodies die because they are like a temporary suit we wear, a vehicle for our spirits to use, making it possible for us to have experiences in this physical world. After we shed our physical suits, our souls carry on, picking up the journey from where we left off on Planet Earth, continuing to grow and make new choices to further our development and understanding of who we are.

By letting go of our physical body through death, we reunite with our own Divine essence, or our Soul, review what we set out to accomplish from the human life we just left and look at everything we created through the eyes of love.  It’s really that simple.

I’ve been reading and communicating with people on the other side my whole life, since I was a little girl. I have had very similar experiences with everyone I have spoken to.  I hear the same messages over and over from “dead people” … “I’m alive!”  “I not dead!”  “It’s so beautiful over here!”  “The colors are so rich and intense and everything is so bright!”  “I REALLY can fly!”  Even my own mother talked about her “see-through body” and how she didn’t need her false teeth she had left behind in the little glass cup next to her bedside when she left her body permanently.

If I were to share one comforting message from most of the dead people I have talked to it would be that we as humans worry way too much about everything and once you leave your physical body behind and see and feel and participate in the beauty that is the other side, you really aren’t nearly as concerned about all the things you thought were so important here on Earth.  One of the most important things I have learned from being a spirit communicator is that in the end, as we are nearing our own death, most of our focus is on our relationships and how we treated others, have we told everyone that we really love that we love them, and we are more concerned with love than physical things like money, cars, houses, and physical belongings.

The best advice I can give from those on the other side is act as if today is your last day on Earth in this body, don’t be afraid to be kind, tell the people you truly love that you love them, get to really know who you are deep down inside, and have compassion for yourself and for others.  We really don’t take anything with us when we leave except our experiences and the love we feel while we are here.